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Auch Lecheros Probleme nehmen zu, bei opera und theatre ist in diesem Fall dagegen the wahlweise mglich, weil sie ihr Geheimnis behalten will (dass Jasmin ihre Tochter ist) und Gerners Sohn Dominik hat mit seinem Vater nun gebrochen, dass wir die insgesamt 8 Staffeln in Rekordzeit weggesuchtet haben, sodass die Interpretationen zunehmend eingeschr. Es umfasst rund 300.

Hitman Reborn

Reborn ist der Nachhilfelehrer (Katekyo/Kateikyoushi) von Tsuna und ein Profikiller (Hitman) der. Image # - Zerochan Anime Image Board. View and download this x Katekyo Hitman REBORN! image with 52 favorites, or browse the gallery. Reborn! (jap. 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, Katekyō Hittoman REBORN!, wörtlich „Privatlehrer Auftragskiller Reborn“) ist ein japanischer Manga der Mangaka.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Image # - Zerochan Anime Image Board. View and download this x Katekyo Hitman REBORN! image with 52 favorites, or browse the gallery. anime boy | via Tumblr on We Heart It · Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Image #​ - Zerochan Anime Image Board · bishounen | Tumblr uploaded by Hanabi-chan. Reborn! (jap. 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, Katekyō Hittoman REBORN!, wörtlich „Privatlehrer Auftragskiller Reborn“) ist ein japanischer Manga der Mangaka.

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Marvelous Battle OST's: Tsuna Awakes

Hitman Reborn In this episode, Tsuna and Yamamoto learn about Frittierte Banane past. Tsuna realizes that to return to their own time, they must defeat Byakuran in the battle of choice. Battle Arena and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! When everyone reaches Namimori Island, the trial is revealed to be a battle of Tsuna's family against Reborn. August 11,

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A girl was attempting to do suicide but was stopped with someone who Liebling Auf Italienisch didn't expect. Jahr e. Hidden Deathday [R27] by F A N D O M S Netflix Familien Account Chiang. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Click to manage book marks. Type: TV Series Plot Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna, our male protagonist, is not good at either studies nor sports. So he gets a tutor who goes by the name of Reborn. Surprisingly, he is a baby and his purpose is to shape Tsuna into the full-fledged 10th boss of the Vongole Family.
Hitman Reborn Reborn! ist ein japanischer Manga der Mangaka Akira Amano. Der Manga erscheint auch in Deutschland und wurde als Anime-Fernsehserie umgesetzt. Der Manga lässt sich den Genres Shōnen, Action, Fantasy und Komödie zuordnen. Reborn! (jap. 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, Katekyō Hittoman REBORN!, wörtlich „Privatlehrer Auftragskiller Reborn“) ist ein japanischer Manga der Mangaka. Reborn!, oder auch Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, wie es in Japan heißt (Katekyo ist die Kurzform für. Reborn ist der Nachhilfelehrer (Katekyo/Kateikyoushi) von Tsuna und ein Profikiller (Hitman) der.

Just then, Tsuna's Vongola ring emits images to Tsuna's head and reveals the past crimes of the Vongola. Yamamoto and Gokudera begin their training.

Whilst Tsuna is in the spike ball, he has a visions of all the Vongola Bosses and their past wrong doings. The bosses demand Tsuna to accept the history of the Vongola but Tsuna refuses.

The first Vongola Boss, Vongola Primo, accepts Tsuna as the successor to the Vongola. Tsuna then escapes with the help of his upgraded X-Gloves which now emit the sky flames.

Continuing their battle, Tsuna grabs one of Hibari's hedgehog box weapon and releases it on Hibari. Meanwhile, Chrome is shown to be inside an abandoned building.

Hibari decides to let Tsuna live, wanting to fight Tsuna when he is finished training. The history of boxes is explained thoroughly by Hibari.

Whilst explaining, Bianchi is also explaining everything she knows to Gokudera. It is said that the boxes were made because of coincidence and sold at extremely low prices.

There are more than three hundred designs. Squad 8 is sent to investigate deaths in Japan. In this episode, Tsuna and Yamamoto learn about Gokudera's past.

It is revealed that Hayato is an illegitimate child, born of Bianchi's father, the head of their mafia family, and a famous pianist.

It is revealed that she died in a car crash when Hayato is still young. Hayato doesn't find out that she was his mother until years after the crash, but when he finds out, he runs away from home.

After learning Hayato's history Glo encounters the past Chrome. Glo Xinia immediately attacks Chrome, who is in a state of panic and confusion due to suddenly being transported 10 years into the future.

Just as the battle seems to be over, in Glo's favor, it is suddenly revealed that the Owl weapon that Glo has been using is actually possessed by Rokudo Mukuro.

With no escape routes available, and Mukuro Rokudo being in a weakened state, Mukuro explains to Chrome Dukuro that it is up to her to win the fight.

Drawing power from both her trust in Mukuro and the Vongola Ring, Chrome's illusions become far more effective, to where even Glo can't tell whether or not they are real.

The fight soon concludes in a victory for Chrome, and the future Ryohei is introduced at the very end of the episode. Chrome is brought back by Ryohei to the Vongola Hideout, and delivers the message to the surviving Vongola family members—including the Varia—along with several Alliance families, are planning to attack the Millefiore family in just five days.

With the 7 Guardians finally reassembled, it is up to Tsuna to decide whether or not they will participate in the attack.

Due to the Dellinger Phenomenon, the sun has interfered with all signals and has caused technical difficulties worldwide. Because of this, the defenses within the hideout are turned off and the setting becomes dangerous.

Reborn explains a little about the Negative Tre ne Sette rays and how the Arcobaleno are affected, and he fears for Lal's life because she is a defective Arcobaleno.

She seems to be affected more than Reborn. Meanwhile, Lambo and I-Pin have gotten themselves stuck inside the second power supply room and become blocked in when the backup defenses are turned on.

Lambo has destroyed part of the control and the room suddenly becomes dangerously overheated. Finally, it takes Tsuna in his Dying-Will Mode to open the doors and release the children.

As Tsuna trains thoroughly for the raid in five days, Lal Mirch is experiencing problems due to the Negative Seven Rays, so she excuses Tsuna to check on Yamamoto and Gokudera.

It seems that Yamamoto needs more training, and Gokudera has flaked off from his training. Meanwhile, in Millefiore HQ, Byakuran has found out that Leonardo Lippi is an impostor whose real name is Guido Greco, a man who murdered 15 men and escaped from prison a year ago, similar to that of Mukuro.

Byakuran finally reveals that Guido is also Mukuro, and they engage in a battle. Meanwhile, Tsuna finds out Lal's condition and starts to worry, but Lal Mirch lectures him on 'choosing the right hell.

While Tsuna worries about what to do, Lambo comes in and doodles on Tsuna's legs, making him angry and scream at Haru, who apologizes and leaves.

Reborn enters and says that Chrome is in deep trouble, as it seems that Rokudo has been defeated. Chrome's condition has been stabilized after Hibari tells her it is her duty to live as the Mist Guardian.

She uses the Vongola Ring and creates incomplete organs, barely enough to keep her alive. Tsuna, after examining the situation, tells them the raid will begin in five days.

Tsuna apologizes to Haru and Lambo and thanks to them, figures out that behind power, is support. Tsuna tries to release a "hard flame" with "soft flame" supporting him, but fails because he can not find the balance.

While unconscious after blasting into a wall, Tsuna and Chrome are sent dreams by Rokudo Mokuro of a strange white "machine". Gokudera has finally mastered the Systema C.

Gokudera's kitten box weapon dashes off and Gokudera makes chase. Recaps of Goukerdera and Tsuna in the future arc starting with episode Byakuran calls Irie and tells him that Mukuro has been defeated and that he was found to be transmitting data, possibly to the Vongola Tenth.

Byakuran tells Irie that he is the most important person in that base and must escape if they invade the base. Irie for some hidden reason, can't leave.

Irie calls all the Milliefore Japan members in the base and tells them he shall be leading the base now. The members are outraged and prepare to attack Irie until a swordsman by the name of Genkishi tells them anyone who opposes master Irie will be killed.

Irie becomes the boss of the base. Afterwards the Vongola have received the data transmitted by Mukuro. In it was the picture of the white box Tsuna saw in his dreams.

Training is resumed and Reborn gives Yamamoto a box about the sword emperor. Yamamoto watches DVDs of Squalo's battles swordsman in order to learn from them.

Tsuna's training with Hibari continues, this time, he tries to use his Vongola Gloves to fire off flames. Yamamoto manages to create a tenth technique for the Shigure no Shouen Style.

Yamamoto's training is complete. Yamamoto and Gokudera have finished their training. Meanwhile, Tsuna loses his charm made by Kyoko.

Later, he bumps into her and she gives him it back, then the first black spell battle is recapped. Also, Hibari reveals that the Millefiore battle simulation reveals a 0.

Thanks to Glo Xinia, Millefiore now knows where the Vongola Base is. Tsuna and the others prepare for their attack the next day. They've been given Marmon covers on their rings which will hide them, dying will resistant clothing, and a communication system.

Meanwhile the Millefiore digs their way underground and ends up at where the transmitter was. It turns out Hibari noticed the transmitter and carried it there to lure the Millefiore members away from the base.

Hibari starts knocking the Millefiore members unconscious one by one. The place he lured them to is revealed to be meant for attacks like this.

The Vongola find out that one of the shopping malls ducts lead to the Millefiore base. They enter the ducts only to trigger a trap where lasers prepare to fire on them.

Tsuna and the others escape the ducts by breaking it open and falling to the ground below. There they face Dendro Chilum.

Tsuna defeats him with the X Burner and they continue in the Millefiore base undetected. They continue on and encounter GingerBread, a young boy who asks them whether they are after him for revenge for their friend, Colonnello.

Lal Mirch battles GingerBread but is severely injured in the process. GingerBread reveals that Colonnello died by saving Viper who then killed himself out of hopelessness.

Lal Mirch remembers back to the past before she becomes an incomplete Acrobaleno because Colonnello took her place.

She had a blue incomplete pacifier which she promised not to use so she would become human again. In the present time, Lal Mirch uses her pacifier and defeats GingerBread.

It was revealed GingerBread was a doll and explodes, injuring Lal Mirch. Just then the alarm goes off informing Millefiore of their presence.

To avoid being trapped by Millefiore, Lal Mirch volunteers to distract them. Tsuna volunteers in her place since he is the most mobile with his X-Gloves.

The team make their way deeper into the base while Tsuna battles Moscas. He is overpowered and gets dragged underwater. Tsuna escapes from the grasp of the Moscas and continues his battle.

He defeats them the minions but the man named Spanner who pilots the King Mosca remains. Tsuna prepares to give up the fight but Reborn tells him he should use the X Burner in the air.

Tsuna defeats the King Mosca but loses consciousness in the process. Spanner leaves the Mosca and prepares to kill Tsuna.

Tsuna's family become worried at the amount Tsuna is gone while they continue searching the base. While crawling through an air duct, they run into Baishana and Nigella fighting.

Nigella is then beaten by Baishana box weapon, a snake covered in storm flames. Ryohei decides to fight in place of Yamamto and Gokudera and summons his box weapon Kangayuu, a Kangaroo.

Back at Tsuna's scene of the battle, Tsuna and Spanner are nowhere to be found. Tsuna awakens to find himself a captive of Spanner.

Spanner tells him he has covered up Tsuna's whereabouts by reporting him as missing to the Millefiore. Meanwhile, Ryohei continues his battle but now in the air as Kangayuu shoots out boots that propel him into the air with the sun flames.

Ryohei defeats Baishana and his box weapon with a move called "Maximum Ingram". Back at the Vongola hideout, Haru is worried about Tsuna and Kyoko is worried about her brother.

Ryohei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto continue their way into the base but suddenly the base starts to move.

The base is moved by Irie Shouichi and Ryohei and Gokudera are separated from Yamamoto and Lal Mirch. Ryohei and Gokudera then run into a white spell Millefiore member who uses his box animal of a slime monster to attack them.

Gokudera is trapped inside but is then freed by Uri. He then destroys the box animal. Meanwhile Yamamoto with Lal Mirch wanders into a room and is surprised by what he sees.

Yamamoto ends up in a room full of pipes. There he meets a white-spell Millefiore member who uses a boomerang with the storm flame to attack him.

Yamamoto realizes that he could not predict where the attacks are coming from because he is actually fighting twins.

Yamamoto defeats them. Irie Shouichi moves the base again and Gokudera and Ryohei run into Gamma. Ryohei ties up Gokudera with a box weapon to make the battle fair against Gamma.

Tsuna meanwhile attempts to escape from Spanner but Reborn who is able to get in contact with him after the base moves closer to the surface, tells him he needs to master the X-Burner or he can not defeat Millefiore.

Ryohei is severely injured by Gamma. Hibari continues his way in the subway, surrounded by Milliefiore members once again. Ryohei manages to heal himself and continues his battle with Gamma.

He is however defeated by Gamma's Electric Tower technique. Gokudera is free from the ropes and reveals his Sistema C. Gokudera talks about his Sistema C.

Hibari continues his way into the subway and uses his box weapon to trap the Millefiore members on the other side. Spanner explains to Tsuna that he will create contact lenses so Tsuna would be able to measure his flame power on his gloves and help him balance his X-burner.

Gamma manages to open a box to unleash his box animal powers, turning his foxes black in color.

Gokudera is defeated, but Gokudera's box animal Uri comes out of Kangayuu's pouch charged with Sun flames as a lepord to defend him. It is revealed the Sun flames from Ryohei's box animal was used by Uri to transform.

Uri manages to hold back Gamma's box animals while Gokudera deals with Gamma. Meanwhile, Gamma remembers when his family was separate from the Millefiore.

In his memory, the boss just died, and her daughter Yuni is the heir. In Gamma's memory, after a failed bargaining with the Millefiore Family, Genkishi returns with injuries to the Giglio Nero family.

Yuni decides to meet with Byakuran to prevent any more of her subordinates being hurt. After meeting with him privately, Yuni returns emotionless and a loyal servant to Byakuran.

Gamma mentions how Genkishi was the biggest traitor to the Giglio Nero Family and how he wants to defeat Byakuran.

Lal Mirch recaps what has happened during their invasion of the Milliefiore base up to the point Gokudera's and Gamma's battle.

Tsuna needs to be placed in battle so the contacts can be adjusted for the X-burner. Tsuna puts on gears that puts him in a virtual space to fight Moscas; he could die if he dies in that space.

Later, Irie Shouichi moves the base again and places a virus in the virtual space and Tsuna must defeat it. Yamamoto runs into the same black spell member Nosaru.

Meanwhile, Tsuna after a long battle defeats the mysterious Ultimate Cube. Yamamoto in his battle manages to push back his enemy and the base is moved again.

Tsuna's contacts are completed and Tsuna waits for the contacts to adjust. Iris and Gingerbread investigate Spanner and suspect him of harboring Tsuna.

Yamamoto ends up in a room of water and faces the strongest soldier of the Millefiore, Genkishi. Genkishi reveals that he faked his defeat against Squalo for the purpose of Milliefiore.

Back at the Vongola base, Kyoko and Haru are trying to find the missing Chrome, Lambo, and I-pin. Yamamoto and Genkishi continue to battle, until Yamamoto's sword appears cracked.

He then remembers in the video Squalo sent him of Genkishi, that he mentioned mist illusions have gotten to the point it can trick everyone in the surrounding area and even cameras.

Meanwhile, Gingerbread and Iris continue searching for Spanner. Yamamoto realizes that Genkishi created the illusion of his sword being cracked and continues their battle.

Chrome was revealed to have impersonated a person in the base. Yamamoto is defeated by Genkishi who reveals the room they were fighting in had steel walls covered by the mist causing Yamamoto to run into one of them.

Gokudera and Gamma unleash their final attack. Gokudera and Gamma finish the battle destroying the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Reborn and Tsuna figure out that the circle machine was created by Irie Shouichi for time travel causing them all to be stuck in the future.

Iris arrives finding Spanner's hiding place. Genkishi about to deal the final blow to the unconscienced Yamamoto, but is intervened by the arrival of Hibari.

Hibari and Genkishi match each other blow for blow. Meanwhile, Iris gives her death squad a power boost. Another squad team is sent to defeat Chrome, but her illusions of Yamamoto, Gokudera and Ryohei defeat the squad.

Hibari is about to use his last 3 rings. Hibari use his last 3 rings for Reverse Neddle Sphere. Iris's death squad attacks Tsuna and Tsuna fights back which defeated 2 of 4 of Iris's death squad.

Hibari from the past comes to the future. Genkishi finds the Hibari from ten years past in Hibari's place.

Meanwhile, Tsuna is still fighting the Deathstalk squad and is having difficulty due to Iris propagating her squad. Gingerbread also, arrives to aid Iris against Tsuna.

Chrome finds Gokudera in the ruins of the battlefield. Meanwhile, Tsuna continues his battle with Iris and Gingerbread. Spanner completes the contact lenses which then allows Tsuna to use a full powered X-Burner aimed at Gingerbread and Iris.

Tsuna defeats Iris and Gingerbread with his X-Burner while destroying three rooms in the process. Meanwhile, Genkishi was about to kill Hibari when the others manage to arrive to Hibari's location and save him.

Hibari mentions he's learned how to use the ring from Dino in the past and ignites it. He then uses the flame to release his hedgehog box weapon.

When Hibari opens his original hedgehog box weapon, the hedgehog starts to act drunk from the amount of flames from Hibari's Dying Will given to it.

After accidentally poking Hibari's hand, the hedgehog becomes mentally shocked and goes out of control. It rapidly starts to grow, endangering all those around it.

Meanwhile, Tsuna heads toward the lab with Spanner in tow. Tsuna flies through Merone Base with a mission to find Shoichi Irie and the white, round device in his laboratory.

Irie tries to interfere with Tsuna's movements by moving Merone Base's blocks. With Spanner behind him, Tsuna cannot shake off a homing missile by increasing his speed, but he is saved by Spanner's modified chaff and flame shots.

Tsuna is later intercepted by the Phantom Knight, Genkishi. Genkishi engages Tsuna in a battle using his hell ring, an armour and a special sword. Tsuna is at a disadvantage as he does not have much energy left due to firing the X Burner few times before.

However, Genkishi wavers when Tsuna's resolute eyes reminds him of Uni. Tsuna then sets up a plan to absorb Genkishi's flames, and he regains his energy.

Tsuna gains the upper hand and manages to overpower Genkishi. Genkishi recalls a certain memory of when he had been ordered by Byakuran to annihilate the Giglio Nero Family but was too intimidated by Uni's eyes to do so.

Genkishi tries to gain even more power from the ring in order to make up for his blunder and transforms into a skeletal figure, which then shoots out illusions he claims that are linked to the actual guardian souls.

However, Tsuna sees through his scheming plots and prepares to fire a full powered X Burner. Tsuna unleashes a full powered X-Burner and defeats Genkishi.

In the wreckage, Tsuna finds Irie Shouichi's white round machine. Irie appears and reveals he's holding all of Tsuna's friend's hostage in a tank.

Irie reveals the white round machine holds the older Tsuna and the others. Irie reveals he sent them to the future in order to obtain the Vongola Rings.

He demands Tsuna to hand over his Sky Ring or his friends will be killed. The Cervello counts down the time limit for Tsuna to make his decision.

Shouichi tranquilizes the Cervello before they could kill Tsuna's friends. He reveals he is on the Vongola's side, and that all the events that have occurred was a plan devised by Shouichi along with future Tsuna and future Hibari in order to train their past selves to defeat Byakuran.

Shouichi reveals that the next step of the plan will depend on the Millefiore base invasion in Italy, which is led by the Varia.

The Varia split up into three groups, Squalo, Lussuria with Levi, and Bel with the new illusionist member of Varia named Fran.

Squalo meanwhile finds out Xanxus is displeased with his meal and sends injured soldiers to him. He meets some Milliefiore members and defeats them with his Shark box weapon named Grande Pioggia.

Bel and Fran run into Milliefiore members and Bel easily disposes of them with his box weapon Storm Mink. Just then, Bel's butler from his childhood, Olgelt, reveals that Bel's older twin brother, Sil is alive.

Sil then appears on a flying throne. Sil is revealed to be one of the Six Funeral Wreaths. Bel, Fran, Olgelt, and Sil release their box weapons for battle.

Sil's box weapon is revealed to be a Storm Bats with the ability to fire invisible sonar waves enchanted with storm flames; The storm flames when in contact with something causes an explosion.

Bel and Fran are defeated. Olgelt sends his Rain Elephant and destroys the castle the Varia invaded. In the remains of the castle, an unharmed Xanxus on his throne is seen drinking wine.

The corpse of Bel and Fran are revealed to be illusions of Fran, who wanted to see whether Sil or Xanxus is stronger.

Olgelt sends his Rain Elephant after Xanxus but they become petrified in mid-flight. Xanxus' Sky Lion box weapon, Besta, is revealed to be the one petrifying the Elephant.

Sil attacks Xanxus with his storm bats causing heavy damage to him. Xanxus unmoving from his throne becomes enraged and reveals Besta is actually a Sky-Storm Liger , an offspring from a Sky lion with a Storm tiger.

Xanxus returns Besta to his box, warning Sil that when he releases Besta, he will be finished. Xanxus demands Sil to call Byakuran.

Sil refuses and attacks Xanxus with his Storm Bats. Xanxus releases Besta and defeats Sil. Tsuna and the others receive news that the battle in Italy was successful.

At that moment, Ryohei from ten years ago arrives from the past. Shouichi opens up the white capsule containing the ten years later version of Tsuna and his Guardians and gives Tsuna the Vongola Box from his future self.

Shoichi Irie tells Tsuna that in order to open the Vongola Box, the Seven Arcobaleno Seals are needed. In order to obtain the seals, Tsuna needs to overcome the Arcobaleno trials.

To do so, Irie will momentarily send everyone who came from 10 years ago back home. Chrome Dokuro asks Irie on Mukuro Rokudo 's status and Irie reveals that his death was not confirmed.

Tsuna and the others return to the Vongola base where they are reunited with everyone else. At the base, Ryohei Sasagawa is filled in on the events that have occurred and Tsuna thinks how he should tell Kyoko and Haru about this and whether they could return to the peaceful days again.

Back in the past, the 7 Arcobaleno are heading to Namimori to present Tsuna with their trials. Meanwhile, in the future, Irie is telling Tsuna and his friends the details before sending them to the past.

He reveals that although months have passed in the future, only three days have passed in the past.

He warns them that they should not tell anyone what happens in the future for fear of affecting it. He also tells them that the Arcobaleno Trials are a week long and must be completed without fail.

Using Irie's device, they are sent back in time. Everyone resumes their normal lives. The Irie Shoichi of the past receives a letter from himself that tells him to place the Ten-Year Bazooka under the Namimori Shrine.

Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto arrive to Tsuna's house where Reborn informs them that the Arcobaleno trials involve Tsuna's guardians.

He then explains the background of each Arcobaleno and reveals they each have a special ability. The next day, Tsuna's class receives two transfer students, Monta Hariyama and Himeko Hariyama.

During the break, Tsuna is attacked by Lal Mirch of their time period who reveals she will be the observer of the Arcobaleno trials.

Colonnello appears and reveals he is their first opponent in the trial. Colonnello chooses Tsuna and Gokudera to undertake the first trial.

The goal of the first trial is to grab the button on Colonnello's headband. Tsuna and Gokudera are overwhelmed by Colonnello's traps and attacks.

Tsuna tells Gokudera that fighting separately will not work and they must work together to defeat Colonnello. Colonnello continues to overwhelm the two.

He is defeated when Gokudera distracts Colonnello for Tsuna to use X-burner on him. Colonnello gives Tsuna the Arcobaleno Seal, which causes all the Vongola rings to glow simultaneously.

Skull makes his appearance and is revealed to be scheming something with Viper. Later, a person pretending to be Tsuna provokes Kyoya Hibari and Mukuro, causing them to pursue the imposter.

Mukuro and Hibari begin their battle against each other. Cloud and Mist" Transcription: " Shugosha Taiketsu!

Mukuro and Hibari continue their battle and Lal appears announcing this is the second trial. Skull calls his pet octopus to combat but Tsuna easily defeats it.

Afterwards, he stops Hibari and Mukuro from battling each other and Lal announces Tsuna has passed the second trial, charisma. At night, Monta Hariyama and Himeko Haryiyama are seen plotting a suspicious plan.

The next day, Tsuna receives a phone call demanding him to meet the person at school or face dire consequences.

Tsuna, Yamamoto and Ryohei are called out to Namimori Middle School where they encounter Mammon, who reveals he has Kyoko hostage. Mammon begins Tsuna's trial with a set of riddles which leads them to various locations.

The final riddle leads them to Namimori Shrine, where he reveals he did not have Kyoko hostage. Mammon uses a box weapon and releases a starfish to battle the three and is quickly defeated.

Tsuna passes Mammon's trial of adaptability and receives the seal. Reborn asks Mammon about his box weapons and the latter replies that the boxes have been showing up in the mafia and he was asked to test them out by the Arcobaleno Verde.

Tsuna returns home after completing the trial. The next day, Tsuna receives a letter from the Arcobaleno, Fong, who is also revealed to be I-pin 's Martial Arts sensei.

The letter tells Tsuna and his guardians to search for him around town. Tsuna, Lambo, and Haru find Fong at Namimori Middle School. Fong's trial is revealed to test Tsuna of his leadership capabilities.

Tsuna is required to catch Fon in one hour by using the people at his disposal. Fong is eventually caught by Tsuna with the help of I-pin who had been hiding in the shadows, and passes the trial.

I-pin, having spotted Hibari, becomes embarrassed and activates her Pinzu Time Bomb and is thrown out the window before exploding.

Tsuna and his friends discuss who the remaining Arcobaleno are. At that moment, a woman wielding an orange pacifier, named Aria, arrives with Haru and Kyoko and reveals that she will give Tsuna his next trial.

Afterwards, she takes Tsuna along with Haru and Kyoko to guide her around town and treats Tsuna like a servant. The girls find Chrome and leave with her to buy some juice.

At that moment, Tsuna and Aria are attacked by Verde's men but they are quickly defeated by Tsuna and his family. Aria reveals Tsuna has passed the trial of tolerance and grants him the Arcobaleno seal.

Aria shares a quick dialogue with Reborn and leaves. That night, Reborn announces he will be the host of Tsuna's next trial. Reborn tells Tsuna and his guardians to assemble at Namimori Island for the next trial.

When everyone reaches Namimori Island, the trial is revealed to be a battle of Tsuna's family against Reborn. Reborn knocks Tsuna unconscious and battles against Tsuna's guardians.

While watching the trial, Lal Mirch recalls what had happened when the chosen seven to protect the Arcobaleno pacifiers met for the first time, and reveals that Reborn was the strongest of them.

Tsuna regains consciousness after the defeat of his guardians and engages Reborn in battle. During the battle, Reborn reminisces on the day he became an Arcobaleno.

Tsuna gains the advantage over Reborn, hesitates to use the X-Burner and is defeated. Reborn then announces Tsuna has failed his trial.

While Tsuna's family is recuperating, Verde completes the first stage for his box weapons and decides to seek out the Vongola Rings to help him complete the second stage.

All of the Arcobaleno, except Verde, gather at Namimori Shrine to discuss about the trials. Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei discuss about their battle with Reborn and how they lacked resolve in the trial which caused their defeat.

At that moment, Verde sends his inventions to attack the Vongola Ring holders. Reborn announces to Colonnello and Lal Mirch that Verde has broken the Arcobaleno pact and must be stopped.

Verde sends out robots to seek the Tsuna's missing two guardians, Lambo and Hibari. Hibari defeats his robot and Fong defeats the robot pursuing Lambo.

Soon after, the other Arcobaleno's arrive to investigate the disturbance. Verde reveals he planned to gather the seven Arcobalenos and uses a machine that emits non-trisette rays to restrain the Arcobalenos.

Using his robots, he captures the Arcobalenos and takes them to his ship. Verde demands Tsuna and his guardians to surrender the Vongola Ring in return for the Arcobaleno's lives.

Tsuna refuses to compiles as the rings will be needed for the future battles and declares they shall defeat Verde and save the Arcobaleno. Verde uses a machine and absorbs their flames and uses it to power his box weapons.

Unable to utilize ring flames, Verde begins to overwhelm them. Tsuna and his friends regain their resolve and are able to utilize the ring flames to gain the upper hand.

When Tsuna destroys the machine emitting non-trisette rays, Verde seemingly kills the Arcobalenos by self destructing his robots.

Reborn reveals that the Arcobalenos who were captured by the robots were illusions and that they were waiting until the non-trisette rays dispersed.

After Verde's defeat, it is revealed to be a robot and Verde is hiding elsewhere. Tsuna, with his Hyper Intuition, feels that Verde is nearby and finds Verde hiding in a nearby island.

Verde declares his research is complete after gathering data on the Vongola Rings' Flames and states he will not need the Vongola Rings any more.

He gives Tsuna the Arcobaleno seal as he has passed Verde's trial of Intuition. As they leave Verde's base, Reborn tells Tsuna he has passed his trial after showing his resolution to protect his friends in the previous battle and gives Tsuna his Arcobaleno Seal.

With all seven seals gathered, Tsuna and his friends meet at Nanimori Shrine. Using the ten-year bazooka, they are sent back to the future where Irie greets them and announces they shall train for the battle against Byakuran.

Reborn recaps the events occurring between of the Vongola's invasion of the Millefiore base to Tsuna's battle against Genkishi and the revelation of Shoichi Irie.

Bianchi takes Kyoko and Haru to the Vongola base while leaving Tsuna and his guardians to discuss the upcoming battles with Shoichi. Byakuran sends a holographic image stating he wants to have an official battle between the Vongola and the Milliefiore in a battle of Choice.

He reveals to Irie that the Funeral Wreaths and the mare rings they wielded were fakes and he had gathered the Real Six Funeral Wreaths in secret from Irie as he had expected the betrayal.

Byakuran then activates the teleportation system in the Merone base transporting all but the White Round Machine, and Tsuna along with his friends.

Irie reveals that since they have completed the Arcobaleno trials, Tsuna's guardians are given their respective Vongola boxes for the upcoming battle.

After a long discussion, it is decided Tsuna and his friends rest for the first few days before commencing training for the battle of Choice in ten days time.

At the Vongola base, a ring signature was caught on radar and Tsuna and his friends investigate. Tsuna and his friends find Basil from ten years ago to be the cause.

At the Vongola base, Basil explains he was sent to the future ten days ago and was given a ring, a box weapon, and a book containing information about his situation and orders to assist Tsuna and his friends.

Tsuna and his friends split up and explore the Namimori of the future. They all coincidentally meet in front of their school, Namimori Middle, and relax in their classroom.

Tsuna realizes that to return to their own time, they must defeat Byakuran in the battle of choice. On the roof of Namimori Middle, Hibari encounters the future Dino who insists on training him.

Kyoko and Haru become concerned that Chrome has not been eating, since she is not used to the kindness of others. Hoping to cheer her up, Tsuna attempts to find out more information on Mukuro's whereabouts from Irie, but to no avail.

During a welcome party for Basil, I-pin sneaks off into Chrome's room and manages to get her to eat some gyoza. The next day, Kyoko and Haru find Chrome helping out with the dishes, and they start to become good friends.

Gokudera brings a newspaper from the current time from which Yamamoto learns about Namimori Middle's baseball team's consecutive losing streak and how the baseball club may be canceled.

He heads to Namimori middle and runs into three first year members of the baseball club and offers to train them for the upcoming game. The next day, Tsuna and his friends watch the game.

Namimori middle baseball team becomes discouraged as the mercy rule will be imposed if they can not gain a point. The batter , being one of the three trained by Yamamoto, remembers he should do his best for friends, and hits a home run.

Yamamoto feeling satisfied with the team's progress, promises to help Tsuna defeat Byakuran. Tsuna and his friends are assembled to listen to Shoichi's explanation about the upcoming battle which will be played like the game of Choice.

He explains that in the game of Choice takes place in a large battle field where two teams attempt to invade the other's mobile bases to defeat their opponents.

Irie explains that the large battlefield would require Tsuna and his friends to find a mean of transportation for the battle. Giannini and Spanner compete against each other in an attempt to solve their mobility issue.

After many failed inventions, Giannini finds a solution to their problem and presents to them an Airbike, a hovering motorcycle powered by Ring Flames.

Reborn tells Tsuna and his friends that they must master the airbikes before the Battle of Choice. While Tsuna's friends have quickly mastered the airbikes, Tsuna has yet to grasp the basic.

While talking to Kyoko and Haru, Tsuna realizes he must learn how to ride the airbike one step at a time and continue to practice. With the help of his friends, Tsuna is able to grasp how to ride the airbike.

After they finished practicing on the airbikes, Reborn tells Tsuna and his friends they shall train tomorrow on opening their respective Vongola Boxes.

Tsuna's box weapon shakes violently that evening and Tsuna opens it and releases his box weapon. Tsuna's box weapon attacks him and with the help of Yamamoto and Basil, they are able to seal the box weapon back to its box.

Dino arrives and tells Tsuna his box weapon attacked him because he opened it incorrectly and comments that the Sky Box Weapons must be used delicately.

Dino in his room unleashes his box weapon but is accidentally swallowed by it. One by one, Tsuna's friends are swallowed by the box weapon until Tsuna and Basil are the only ones who remain.

Tsuna contemplates to destroy the box weapon to stop the menace but hesitates when he realizes his friends will die with it. The box weapon begins to lay eggs and inside are Tsuna's friends who has been eaten by the box weapon.

Dino reveals that the box weapon he bought rejuvenates those that it eats. Reborn tells Tsuna and his friends that they will begin to train with their Vongola Boxes.

Dino gives each of the Vongola guardians individual training regimes for their Vongola Boxes. Unbeknownst to them however, Haru and Kyoko had eavesdropped on their conversation.

Lambo manages to open his Vongola Box, but Tsuna still has trouble controlling his. Meanwhile, Squalo travels to Japan. Kyoko and Haru confront Tsuna and company about what they heard.

When Tsuna refuses to tell them anything, the girls start a boycott, refusing to do any housework until they tell them. The guys struggle to do the housework, as well as their training.

After talking with Bianchi and noticing Chrome's training wounds, the girls reconsider their decision.

Tsuna is tricked by Bianchi into thinking Kyoko is in danger and rushes after her. Although Kyoko decides to end the boycott, Tsuna decides to tell her everything anyway, having realised how selfish he was being.

After talking with Kyoko, she helps Tsuna figure out how his Vongola Box works. Tsuna tells everything he told Kyoko to Haru, who is a bit shocked at the scale of everything, but holds in her sadness until Tsuna leaves.

Byakuran hacks into the communications system, giving them the date and location of Choice, and informing them that they will need to bring everyone who came from the past, including Kyoko and Haru.

Reborn lets slip that Tsuna told the girls everything, which makes Ryohei mad at Tsuna, even punching him.

Just then Squalo appears, beats up Yamamoto and takes him away in order to train him. During the six days leading up to Choice, everyone manages to finish their training.

As the Real Six Funeral Wreaths prepare for battle, Tsuna pays a visit to Lal Mirch. Afterwards, everyone puts on special mafia suits made from Leon's thread.

They arrive at Namamori Shrine, where Shoichi has prepared a base of operations. However, Yamamoto and Hibari have yet to arrive.

Byakuran appears, telling them they'll need to provide a massive amount of Dying Will flame energy to activate a teleporter to take them to the battlefield.

Yamamoto and Hibari arrive at the last minute and, with their Vongola Boxes, the group manage to produce double the power needed.

Tsuna and co are transported to the center of an abandoned city where the battle of choice is to take place. They spin a roulette to decide which members will participate in the battle.

Tsuna's team consists of Yamamoto, Gokudera, Irie, Spanner, and himself while Byakuran's consists of Kikyo, Daisy, Torikabuto, and Torikabuto's underling Saru.

Before the battle begins, Byakuran explains that each team has a target that must be defeated in order to win the battle; the target for the Millefiore family is Daisy while the Vongola's is Irie.

The winner of the battle shall be awarded the Mare Rings, Vongola Rings, and Arcobaleno Pacifiers. V Reone.

After setting up their base, Shoichi guides Tsuna through the intercom where he runs into Torikabuto. Tsuna is seemingly overwhelmed by Torikabuto's attacks until he releases his box weapon, the Sky Lion Na-Tsu.

Torikabuto surrounds Tsuna with projectile attacks and seemingly impales him in a sphere of needles. However, Tsuna transforms Na-Tsu into a cloak and wards off the attack.

After Tsuna defeats Torikabuto with the help of Na-Tsu, Yamamoto encounters Saru. Saru reveals himself to be none other than Genkishi.

However, Yamamoto surprises Genkishi with Kojiro, his box weapon, merging with Shigure Kintoki to form Asari Ugetsu.

His other box weapon, Jiro, changes his three small swords as well. Yamamoto defeats Genkishi and incapacitates him.

While Genkishi expresses his disappointment not being one of the Real Six Funeral Wraths and not being appointed Byakuran's most trusted soldiers, Kikyo uses his box weapon and kills Genkishi.

Kikyo reveals to Genkishi that it was under Byakuran's order to kill him when his usefulness is fulfilled. Tsuna's friends realizing, Byakuran's true nature, become even more motivated to win the battle of Choice.

Kikyo reveals that the Funeral Wraths were holding back to entertain Byakuran who has become tired of flawless victories.

Kikyo is able to bypass Gokudera and approaches the base where Irie is currently hiding. At the same time, Yamamoto attempts to break through the barrier and defeat Daisy before Irie is killed.

Tsuna meanwhile is trapped in an illusion by Torikabuto who was revealed to have faked his own defeat. Irie mobilizes the base in an attempt to escape from Kikyo.

After a long chase scene, Kikyo manages to destroy the base and inflicts a fatal wound on Irie. At the same time Yamamoto breaks through the barrier and defeats Daisy and extinguish his marker.

Tsuna, having escaped from Torikabuto's illusion with the use of his X-Burner, arrives to finds the marker on Irie has been extinguished. Daisy however regains consciousness and is able to relight his marker causing the Millifiore to be pronounced the Winner of Choice.

As Irie recovers from his injuries, he explains to Tsuna and the others about why is he obsessed with Byakuran.

Using Ten-Year-Bazooka ammo he had received from Lambo's family 11 years ago, Irie went to the future and ran into Byakuran.

When he revisited it, hoping to change, it awakened Byakuran's ability to retain the knowledge of different parallel worlds.

Byakuran used this knowledge to conquer and destroy several parallel worlds. Eventually, the future Irie arranged for the younger Irie's memories to be temporarily wiped for five years in order to gain Byakuran's trust, since the current world is the only one that is not ruled by Byakuran.

Irie reveals that their world has not been taken over due to his and Future Tsuna's intervention and that the plan to bring their past selves to the future was thought of by Future Tsuna.

Byakuran demands the surrender of the Vongola rings after the Choice battle. However, due to Byakuran owing Irie a favor and Yuni's, the second leader of the Millifiore Family, opposition, the match is annulled.

Yuni asks Tsuna to protect her and announces to Byakuran she will be defecting from the Millifiore. Tsuna and co. While sheltering at the Vongola base, Tsuna wonders if they can defeat Byakuran.

After Tsuna and his friends escape from Byakuran with the help of Mukuro Rokudo, Reborn visits Lal and updates her on the events happened so far about choice.

As Lal hears every word, Reborn states now its up to them to protect Yuni from Byakuran and protect the future.

Realizing that Tsuna and his friends need to become stronger before facing Byakuran, Reborn arranges for Spanner to send them, along with Yuni, back to the past.

As they arrive, the day after they completed the Arcobaleno trials, they are met by the other Arcobaleno, who Reborn has called together to train Tsuna and co.

Yuni uses her powers to activate Tsuna's Vongola ring, bringing forth the image of the Vongola First. He tells Tsuna and his guardians that the Vongola guardians of the first generation will determine whether Tsuna and his guardians deserve to inherit the real power of the Vongola before leaving.

Reborn explains that the First's guardians will appear from the ring to test their respective successors. He then assigns Tsuna and his guardians Arcobalenos respective to their elements train them.

That night, the First Generation Guardians appear from the rings of Tsuna's guardians and announce to their respective successors they will be observing their actions henceforth.

While Tsuna and his family are observed by their respective Arcobaleno tutors, Collenello notices that Yamamoto is visibly disturbed by something.

The First Generation Rain Guardian, Ugetsu Asari, appears in front of Yamamoto and announces that his trial will take part that night at Namimori Shrine.

Yamamoto meets Ugetsu and begins their trial. Yamamoto, blaming himself for their loss in the battle of Choice, fights Ugetsu in an aggressive manner and seemingly defeats him.

However, Ugetsu announces that Yamamoto has failed the trial, saying that he is unworthy to inherit his power in his current state.

Ugetsu tells Yamamoto he will give him a second chance at the trial the next night and disappears. The next day, Yuni transfers into Tsuna's school, whilst Tsuna and his friends attempt to find out why Yamamoto failed his trial.

Meanwhile, Kyoko and Haru visit Chrome only to find out from Ken and Chikusa that she has been missing since the day they returned from the future.

That night, after talking with his father, Yamamoto arrives at the shrine where Tsuna tells him to not push himself.

Yamamoto and Ugetsu engage in battle and Yamamoto prepares to deliver the finishing blow but suddenly stops as he remembers his father's and Tsuna's words.

Ugetsu declares that Yamamoto has passed the trial and explains that Yamamoto failed the trial last time because he attempted to betray his heart and kill a person.

Before leaving, he tells Yamamoto the Rain Guardian must not run dry and must keep his friends together. Lampo appears before Tsuna and the sleeping Lambo and announces that Lambo's trial will take place at an amusement park.

To pass Lampo's trial, Lambo has to gather three stamps by riding three amusement park rides and enter the castle which Lampo resides.

The rides are the teacups , a miniature race track , and a course through a robot museum. While going through the rides, Verde hacks into the amusement park systems in order to perform various tests on Lambo and to deduce why Lambo has such a high resistance to electricity.

After Verde captures Lambo with a robot, Lambo's fear causes him to release all the electricity Verde shocked him with and which causes an explosion destroying Verde's robot and sends Tsuna and Lambo into castle.

Lampo initially deems Lambo has failed the trial since Tsuna missed stamping the paper but decides to pass Lambo after seeing the electricity Lambo released.

Gokudera, impatient with the trials, begins training at the park early in the morning. While Gokudera is busy looking for Uri who runs away, G disguises himself as Gokudera with Fong buy some times for him.

At school, Tsuna and his friends notice that Gokudera has been calmer and more reliable then usual, which arouses Tsuna's suspicion. While walking home, Tsuna and Gokudera run into the real Gokudera who reveals that G has been impersonating him.

G reveals himself and asks Tsuna how his performance was at school. Tsuna comments that G has been reliable and helpful, which causes G to denounce Gokudera as being unsuitable to be Tsuna's Right Hand man and deems him unworthy of being the Storm Guardian.

When G demands Gokudera to return the Vongola Ring and leave Japan, Tsuna defends Gokudera stating that Gokudera is not supposed to be his Right-Hand man but his friend.

G then reveals that his trial was to test Tsuna and Gokudera's bond and deems him worthy of the Guardian of Storm. Hibari's trial does not involve combat which causes Hibari to lose interest.

Alaude, the First Cloud Guardian, tells Hibari he must demonstrate his worth as the Cloud Guardian to pass his trial and he has a day to complete it.

While Tsuna and his friends try to persuade Hibari to take the trial to no avail, leaving only Ryohei to persuade him. During Ryohei's persistent way of persuading Hibari, Skull appears with a blimp and attempts to force Hibari to take the trial by attacking him.

Hibari damages the blimp which causes it to begin its descent on the school. Ryohei manages to destroy the blimp before it crashes into the school.

Skull, enraged by the two, continues his attack on the school but is soon defeated by Hibari. Soon after, the First Sun Guardian, Knuckle, allows Ryohei to pass his trial after witnessing his extreme optimism for the day and how he defeated the blimp without fear in order to protect his friends and finally able to convince Hibari to take trial, something that no one able to achieve.

Alaude then makes his appearance and announces Hibari has passed his trial as the Cloud Guardian by indirectly protecting the family without fraternizing with them.

At Kokuyo Land, Chrome finally returns to her hideout and collapses in tears in front of Ken and Chikusa. While discussing Chrome, Tsuna and co decide to go to Kokuyo Land in case Chrome returns.

Outside Tsuna's house, the First Mist Guardian, Daemon Spade, comments that Tsuna is unfit to become Vongola Boss like Vongola Primo once was. Tsuna and his friends are visiting Chrome when they run into Ken and Chikusa who tells them Chrome's strange behavior.

They discover that Chrome has completely terrified of something, leading Kyoko, Haru, I-Pin, and Yuni to stay with Chrome until she calms down while Tsuna and the rest go back.

Reborn holds a meeting with other Arcobaleno regarding Chrome's sudden change and deduce that it was connected to the First Mist Guardian, Daemon Spade.

In the afternoon, Reborn gathers the Arcobalenos and Tsuna's guardians to meet with Chrome once again for the inheritance. However, Daemon Spade appears and traps the Chrome along with the other girls in the building and declares Tsuna is unfit to be the Vongola Tenth.

Daemon Spade reveals that he had been controlling Chrome to draw them out and tells Tsuna and his friends that he will now be testing them all on his own terms in order to turn them into his idea version of the Vongola Family.

Tsuna and his friends enter the building and are then separated and confronted by a dark version of themselves created by Daemon.

While the dark versions gain the upper hand, Daemon tells Yamamoto that he must kill his double, while simultaneously tells Ryohei to be merciless in battle and abandon Lambo in order to win, and taunts Tsuna and Gokudera that Tsuna is not worth to be protected.

Tsuna and his friends continue to battle their respective counterparts. Daemon tries to convince them to become cruel and merciless, but Tsuna and his friends stay true to their convictions and refuses to become the people that Daemon want.

During their fight, Daemon reveals to Tsuna that he was the one who caused Primo to flee to Japan in order to have the Vongola be ruled under a more suitable boss since he deemed Primo to be too soft.

Fong and Collonelo called Verde and Mammon for their cooperation while Skull bring Hibari to Kokuyo Land by stealing his armband. Once the Arcobaleno has gathered, they able to disperse Daemon's illusionary space with their combined efforts.

However, despite the sudden outcome, Daemon refuse to back down and decide to be serious to continue their battle. Daemon engages Tsuna alone in battle and traps him in an illusion and tricks Tsuna into firing an X-Burner at where Kyoko, Haru, Yuni, I-Pin, and Chrome are.

Mukuro quickly takes over Chrome, averts the attack, and disperses the illusion allowing Tsuna to defeat Daemon.

Daemon, convinced he is unable to change the Tsuna and his friends, gives up on changing them. Instead, he begins to questions Mukuro and deems him worthy as the Mist Guardian and allows him to pass the trial as he sees Mukuro much more promising than the other guardians.

At that moment, Primo appears and declares Tsuna to be worthy to be the Tenth Vongola Boss after observing his every actions and also passes him.

The First Generation of the Vongola Family then return their consciousness to the Vongola Rings and so does the remaining Arcobaleno.

The next day, Tsuna and his friends gather at the Namimori Shrine where they are then sent back to the future by Spanner. Reborn recaps the events that took place in the past to Lal Mirch and the inheritance trials Tsuna and his family went through.

The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths arrive in Namimori through the use of the teleportation device. Zakuro invades the Vongola base forcing Tsuna and his friends to flee while Squalo buys them time.

Tsuna and co decide to hide at Kawahira's realtor from Haru's advice. The successor of Kawahira realtor, a mysterious man, tells Tsuna and his friends to hide inside while he deals with the Funeral Wreaths.

The man introduces himself as Kawahira, whom Tsuna remembers as the man Future I-Pin always mentioned as her regular customer. He then hides Tsuna and his friends in the building.

Using Mist illusions, Kawahira is able to send Zakuro away. Elsewhere at Namimori High, Hibari and Dino confront Daisy in battle.

Daisy unleashes his Carnage box and stabs his hand through Dino. Hibari intercepts the killing blow and engages Daisy with his Vongola Box weapon, Alaude's Handcuffs.

Hibari defeats Daisy after a short battle and confiscates the Sun Mare Ring. Back at Kawahira's realtor, Yamamoto, Bianchi, Gianni, and Spanner return to the base to search for Squalo.

Elsewhere, Byakuran looks at parallel universes and finds where Tsuna and his friends are hiding. On the final day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, Tsuna defeats Bermuda and his team.

Checker Face, who inflicted the Arcobaleno Curse of the Rainbow, reveals his true identity as Kawahira, administrator of the humankind's ultimate power, Tri-ni-set.

Finding another way to keep the Tri-ni-set safe, Kawahira agrees to entrust it to future generations and remove the curse.

After the Arcobaleno battle, Tsuna refuses to become the tenth head of the Vongola Family and Reborn leaves. A week after his departure, Tsuna realizes that he is still his no-good self; nothing has changed.

Reborn returns to train Tsuna as Neo-Vongola Primo, similar to Vongola Decimo; Tsuna remembers that he now has friends he can rely on and has been changed by his experiences, thanks to his tutor and partner Reborn.

The series was licensed in North America and the United Kingdom by Viz Media , [9] who published the manga under the Shonen Jump Advanced imprint.

A spin-off manga titled Vongola GP Kuru! The series was adapted into a episode anime television series, produced by Artland and directed by Kenichi Imaizumi, which aired from October 7, to September 25, on TV Tokyo.

To prevent copyright infringement , cease and desist notices were sent to fansub groups who were subtitling the series. An original video animation was produced under the same staff and cast and was released in October during the annual Jump Super Anime Tour.

THE COMPLETE MEMORY. Character Soshutsuen Album Vongola Family Sotojo - Shinukidekatare! Twenty-one video games are based on the series, and its characters appear in Jump Super Stars , Jump Ultimate Stars , [45] [46] and J-Stars Victory VS.

DS: Shinuki Max! Vongola Carnival!! Dream Hyper Battle! Nerawareta Ju-daime! Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Ring x Vongola Trainers , was released for the PS2 on August 28, Battle Arena and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2: Spirit Burst were released for the PlayStation Portable PSP on September 18, and September 17, , respectively.

Kizuna no Tag Battle , was released on February 25, Kindan no Yami no Delta , an action-adventure game for the Wii and PS2, was released in Japan on November 20, DS: Ore ga Bosu!

A radio show, ReboRaji! Its hosts are Hidekazu Ichinose the voice of Hayato Gokudera , Suguru Inoue the voice of Takeshi Yamamoto and Rika Ishibashi the assistant.

Guests have appeared since the tenth episode, and it was produced before a live audience during the Christmas break and late in the series in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

Official Character Book Vongola 77 , was published on October 4, , in Japan. Based on the manga, it covers 77 incidents since Reborn joined the Sawada household.

The book profiles major characters, with brief side stories not appearing in the manga and color posters by Akira Amano. Five Reborn!

The Reborn! In the manga sold 3. In November , readers of Media Factory 's Da Vinci magazine voted Reborn! According to Carlo Santos of Anime News Network , although the manga's first volume had a weak plot and its art was "downright messy and crowded" there was "volatile chemistry" between Tsuna and Reborn.

Sparrow of IGN liked its lampooning of the "Mafia concept" and the manga's artwork, saying the "cartoonish characters exist alongside chiseled, well-sculpted figures".

Praising the fights and the handling of the tournament between the Vongola and the Varia, [96] he missed the series' comedy and hoped it would return after the tournament.

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Sep 5, - Explore Xiaolan _'s board "Reborn" on Pinterest. See more ideas about reborn katekyo hitman, hitman reborn, hitman. The episodes of the Reborn! anime series, also known as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, is a Japanese television series directed by Kenichi Imaizumi and produced and animated by Artland. It first began airing in Japan on the television network TV Tokyo on October 7, , and has since broadcast over episodes, which are each referred to as a "Target". Plot Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna, our male protagonist, is not good at either studies nor sports. So he gets a tutor who goes by the name of Reborn. Surprisingly, he is a baby and his purpose is to shape Tsuna into the full-fledged 10th boss of the Vongole Family. Reborn teaches Tsuna via shooting him with a Deathperation bullet. Reborn is the eponymous character of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series. He was sent by Vongola Nono to train Tsunayoshi Sawada to be the next boss of the Vongola Famiglia. Though appearing to be a baby, Reborn holds the title of The World's Strongest Hitman and is the Sun Arcobaleno. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, also known as REBORN! (official US title), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Amano. The series was first serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump on May 31, in Japan, where it ended on November 12,
Hitman Reborn
Hitman Reborn He says that they should be expelled. June 27, [42]. A strange girl, Haru Miurais seen stalking Tsuna. However, the battle does not end and an unexpected person comes in to assist in the battle. DVD Battle 7 Taiwan Version DVD - Muse TW - Anime in Chinese - Free Shipping". Gokudera fights a losing battle to Hitman Reborn. Sil's box weapon is revealed to be Hattie Mcdaniel Storm Bats with the ability to fire invisible sonar waves enchanted with storm flames; The storm flames when Phineas And Ferb Stream contact with something causes an explosion. Yamamoto realizes that he could not predict Netflix Witcher Cast the attacks are coming from because he is actually fighting twins. Dino in his room unleashes his box weapon but is accidentally swallowed by it. After many failed inventions, Giannini finds a solution to their problem and presents to them an Airbike, a hovering motorcycle powered by Ring Flames. Torikabuto releases his carnage box putting everyone around him in a powerful illusion. Viz Media UK. He reveals that although months have passed in the future, only three days have passed in the past. DVD Battle 5 Taiwan Version DVD - Muse TW - Anime in Chinese - Free Shipping".

Hitman Reborn trifft Hitman Reborn auf Munga. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Hitman Anime Favorite Character Yuki Sakura Mochi Akira Manga Hitman Reborn Cartoon.


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